Weekend Karate Comp

Remember that friendly little Karate competition I was telling you about?  Turns out it wasn’t so little after all!  This event was classed as an ‘open’ compared to the in-house association one I thought it was going to be so there were loads more competitors.  To give an indication last years kata was finished by about lunchtime, this year it was still going on at half past two when we left and the Kumite hadn’t even started yet!

So how did I get on I hear you ask?  Not too good, I didn’t get past the first round lol Although I did go out to the eventual winner in my category so there is a small crumb of comfort there.  Everything I was trying to remember to do completely fell out of my head as soon as I stepped onto the mats and then I remembered it all again once I had finished arrghhh!

My daughter also never got past the first round and annoyingly for her was beaten by the same girl who beat her in the final last year and so she is now known as her NEMESIS.  I said this was good because every awesome superhero needs a nemesis right?

So what did I learn from the day?  Well I learnt I need to up my game, looking back I think I’ve coasted through training since Christmas and missed a few sessions out as well which didn’t set me up well for the day.  So I need to put more effort into my Karate training and do more practice at home.  It was also good to see all the other karateka there and see other styles and techniques we don’t get to experience in our dojo.

I did promise photos but didn’t get the opportunity to take any good or indeed relevant ones but if you imagine the All Valley Championships in the first Karate Kid movie it was kinda like that but smaller 🙂

Away from Karate, training this week will consist of more running including two days running to work to get the mileage in plus two gym sessions working on upper body and core.


Karate Competition

This weekends competition has come round rather quick, but both of this weeks training sessions have concentrated on getting ready for it so I’m starting to look forward to it.

Although everyone takes it very seriously once they get on the mat, it is whats known as a friendly competition and organised by our association so everyone knows somebody else there and the atmosphere is great.

In last years competition I came first in my category for Kata and my daughter came second in hers so we’re both hoping for a repeat this time.

I always get very nervous before competing, at least I did last year which was my first competition and therefore  my only point of reference, but once my name is called and I start my Kata I find I blank everything else out and the training kicks in.

We all deal with nerves differently.  Some people mask it with bravado, others myself included, will withdraw into themselves and sit quietly in the corner.

The important thing though is to believe in yourself.

I’ll let you know how it goes and hopefully get some photos up as well in my next post.


Titles are hard to think up aren’t they?

Woke up on Saturday morning to be reminded that winter wasn’t quite finished yet.  I knew it was going to be cold but I didn’t expect this…..



snowStill undeterred I flng on some leggings and my running jacket and headed out.  It was lovely and not too cold so the snow was powdery rather than icy.  It did worsen though when I gained some elevation but to be honest by then I was on the homeward stretch and getting a perverse pleasure as people drove by giving me funny looks.  I don’t know about you but my ego gets a bit of a boost when I run in poor weather conditions.  As people go by in their warm cars a little voice in my head says “that’s right I’m running in this and I’m freaking awesome for it” ……anyone else? No?  Okay perhaps it is just me then ha ha.




No that’s not a command, I’m not some dodgy stage hypnotist (look into the eyes, not around the eyes etc) but it is some good advice.  Sleep is when our body repairs itself and builds new muscle and because all of this uses calories it means you can lose weight whilst sleeping neat huh?




Studies suggest that 8 hours is an optimum amount to get each night.  To be honest I struggle to get this especially if I’m up early for a run before work.  7 hours is probably what I get most nights.


If you’re ramping up your training like I have been this past week sleep becomes even more important so don’t dismiss needing it as a weakness, it is an essential part of your training cycle.


My Karate competition is this weekend, cripes that’s come around quick!  I’ll post about it later on in the week and let you know how my kata training has gone as well.






Friday Recap

So it’s almost the end of the week and time for a quick recap on how my training went (even though I’ve got one more run scheduled for tomorrow).

I got the gym all to myself :)

I got the gym all to myself 🙂

Overall I’m really pleased, apart from rescheduling monday’s Karate training to tonight everything went as planned which doesn’t always happen in my world I can tell you!

The runs were excellent and I feel I’m already getting the benefit from upping my mileage (although that’s probably just in my head ha ha).

Gym-wise I swapped out today’s cycle for a third session as I really wanted to concentrate on my upper body strength.  So I went down at lunchtime today and I got the place all to myself again so I took the opportunity for a quick photo shoot 🙂

I use the Wellbeing Centre where I work (well kind of where I work, the centre is at our factory facility where as I work in the head office about 5 min drive away but you know what I mean right?)  It’s pretty good, the gym is small but has everything I need and there’s a larger room next door which is usually empty where I can practice kata or set up a circuit training routine.

So training wise it was a good week but what about food?  It’s no good putting the effort in out on the roads or in the gym if you eat garbage.  Well it was so-so.

I’ve eaten out an incredible 3 times in the past 7 days which is unheard of for me!  What can I say though, it has been my birthday this week plus we went out for my nephews birthday and had a meal with family on tuesday night.  It is possible to eat healthily when you eat out, I know this because I have read it!  Unfortunately I didn’t manage this on any occasion.

I will learn from this though and try and choose better next time.  Having said that treating yourself every now and then is essential in my opinion, the only problem was that for me this came at the beginning of my training schedule which wasn’t ideal.

Apart from the three meals out my other eating has been quietly pleasing.  Five healthy and varied breakfasts, the same goes for lunches and not too much snacking through the day either.  Obviously there’s room for improvement but that gives me something to aim for 🙂

Oh I almost forgot!  I booked my place on the City of Sunderland 10k earlier this week 🙂 I’m already looking forward to it, it should be a great event if last years was anything to go by. 

J 🙂

Birthday Post

Another year older…well really it’s just another day older but you know what I mean.

Cycling in to work this morning I got to thinking that I wished I had started my FLC earlier.  Why did I leave it so late!  I don’t have regrets, never have never will, life’s too short but I’ve missed out on nearly twenty years of doing something that when all comes to all feels great and is good for you.  How many things that are good for you feel great?  Probably not too many.

So why did I wait so long?  I’m not sure there’s one definitive answer to this.  As I’ve alluded to before up until a few years ago I was always naturally skinny and didn’t have to do much to have a relatively okay level of fitness so I guess I got complacent.  Plus I never considered myself particularly sporty, sure I played football and rode my mountain bike but I didn’t think that running or going to the gym was me…how wrong I was, it was for me, it’s actually for everyone.

Another thing that has encouraged me in my FLC is the fitness community online.  I read a lot of fitness and healthy eating blogs and some of the stuff is really inspirational.  I also get a lot of my workout ideas from other peoples blogs, I love trying new things so get online and read up on stuff.

So don’t make my mistake and put off your FLC.  Start now there’s nothing stopping you, there really isn’t.  No-one is too old or too fat to take the first steps on their own fitness journey, do something, do anything and always remember never compare yourselves with others because they’re on their own journeys and each person journey is different.  The only person you should compare yourself to is you from yesterday, if you keep improving on that it’s going to be a great journey.


Training Plan w/c 18/2/13

new shoes

New shoes, neat huh?  My early birthday pressie from my gorgeous wife because I don’t think my current trainers will see out the year!  These are New Balance 851’s and I just love the colours 🙂  Once I’ve done a couple of runs with them on I’ll put a review on here so keep an eye out for it.

Okay so this week I’ll be starting a new training schedule to get ready for my first race of the year.  I need to get at least one maybe two more running sessions in each week.  Luckily the kids are on half term break so     I can squeeze some early morning runs out before work and that way I won’t have to miss any lunchtime gym sessions (at least for this week anyway).

This weeks plan then looks like this.


AM Run / Lunch Gym (Upper Body) / PM Karate


Lunch Run / PM Karate


Cycle 25k


AM Run / Lunch Gym (Core)


Cycle 25k




Rest Day